After graduating from art-school in Utrecht I started quite commercially (working for publicity-agencies) but gradually I got more clients from the academic world (universities, Artis Planetarium, museums). My style has changed a lot over the years, from very realistic (with paint) to a more sign like visual language by drawing with ink. In drawing economy is a great quality. To achieve it is hard work, how to reduce everything to just a few lines. Certain lines have to be done fast, you can see the speed in a drawing. And drawing in itself is a limitation. How to depict something that is a simplification yet instantly recognizable to other people. I combine the artisanal (drawing on paper) with digital (editing and coloring), in order to combine the spontaneity of the drawing and the flexibility of digital techniques. I have worked in a number of fields, with an emphasis on archaeology, science, technic, history and foreign cultures. Line illustrations of all 88 constellations that I drew are shown in digital planetaria worldwide.

graphic design At art-school I studied graphic design and I often combine graphics, illustration and text. I designed academic publications and newsletters.

Over the years I painted mainly watercolors depicting travels to the South Pacific, Egypt, China, Burma, Mexico etc. A painting by me has orbited the earth aboard the Russian MIR space station as part of the 'Ars ad Astra' project by ESA (the European Space Agency). Typical sizes for the watercolors are 50 x 70 centimeters on high quality acid-free paper. They are truly unique works, not prints, but one of a kind paintings. Many of my works are for sale.

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E-mail: chris"at"chriscouvee"dot"com

Mobile phone ++31 6 20238478

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